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G6 Technology

ABOUT HMT was established in 2009 later registered as a G6 Technology  creating a constructive dent into the economy of  Oceania region. With extensive knowledge of all current economic, social and regulatory issues HMT |G6  Provide  the best Value-Added Services.

At HMT we assist mobile operators in increasing their revenues and shaping their innovation by offering a comprehensive value-added services product line.

HMT|G6 a one stop Solution covering the Asia Pacific region where Our Past we have worked with Big telecommunication Digicel ,Newnet , Mobi media and Vodafone providing IT Solutions with an innovative approach to digital communication. We engage consumers with Applications, ecommerce, consultancy, digital marketing and capture their interest with compelling creative concepts.

Our services include hardware technology and engineering, software development, platform design and implementation, creative and licensing, distributing and monetizing content along with design and implementation of innovative user engagement campaigns to amplify revenues from existing services.

HMT also specializes in Premium label or bespoke mobile content, e-commerce  management systems, e-commerce platforms, apps on ground activations

G6 Technology sector with its five imperatives

  • Information & Technology
  • Digital Marketing Campaign
  • TV’s & Electronics
  • Telecommunication value added service provider
  • Public Relationship




G6 develop end-to-end digital products for mobile carriers to maximise revenue and create value for subscribers.

Our apps include mJams Music, mSocial, and Lists to name a few. At G6 we developed Custom content portals and CRBT solutions are also available to add value for feature phone and WAP users.


In addition to creating G6 own products, our worldwide contracts allow us to obtain and offer licensing rights to global brands.

Music, Movies, Gaming, and Sports are some of the industries we operate in but have access to many more.



One major feature of our line of products is the ability to white-label or rebrand. This allows us to customize the experience     for individual markets, creating a local look and feel that appeals to the country or region. White-label options range from colour scheme changes right up to rebranding to match the telco identity


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